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25Kg Castle Multicem Cement

25Kg Castle Multicem Cement


multicempaper multicemplastic
Part number: CEM001

Castle Cement is manufactured to comply with the requirements of BS EN 197-1: 2000 CEM II/B-V Portland-fly ash cement strength class 32,5R.

Cement is a CEM II cement which enhances sustainability through the use of carefully selected recycled raw materials.



  • Cement is recommended for general purpose use in concrete, mortar, render and screed.
  • Cement is compatible for use with a wide range of admixtures to extend further the properties and uses of mixes, but it is strongly recommended that trial mixes are carried out to determine optimum proportions.



  • Improved chemical resistance.
  • Lower water demand than Portland cement (CEM I) mixes.
  • Improved chloride resistance.
  • A reduced alkali content - declared mean equivalent Na2O(e) of less than 0.6%.
  • The colour may be darker than Portland cement (CEM I).



  • Cement is produced using carefully selected raw materials.
  • Strict quality control throughout each stage of the manufacturing process ensures that a consistent final product is achieved.



The strength requirements of concretes, mortars, renders and screeds are widely varied and Cement is designed to be adaptable in performance to accommodate the requirements of all of these applications. For a limited range of applications a minimum compressive strength may be required. In such cases the quantity of Cement in the mix will have to be determined through trial mixes using the proposed materials.


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