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10 Things Men Can Do That Women Can't!

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Men are increasingly told that it's a woman's world. Girls do better at school and college than boys. Women live longer than men. The tough, backbreaking work that used to be the preserve of our gender no longer really exists.

In short, we're the lesser sex, or so the message goes. Women are better equipped with the skills the 21st century requires - empathy, emotional intelligence and the ability to connect. Apparently we're slowly being consigned to the dustbin of history!

And yet, on the other side of the coin, they have to sit down to pee. That's got to be some kind of disad­vantage, right? Festivals,­for example. And for whatever reason, the great British public don't really bother watching them play sports - even at the highest level. They may be great athletes, but most of their team sports go on unnoticed.

So chin up, boys. All is not lost. Here are 10 other things we men can do that they can't.

Be consistent

Not to put too fine a point on it, men don't spend a few days every month going mildly bonkers. We're not slaves to our hormones - or at least, not on such a predictable basis. All else being equal, we can sail through an entire month on the fair winds of good humour and consistent thinking. Any higher intelligence that spends a couple of days every few weeks incandescent with irrational rage or in floods of unfounded tears should not be left alone on the planet.

Go topless

Women can't easily go topless in public

Hot, sticky day? Tops off, boys! Who wants some scratchy manmade fibre rubbing up against you when the mercury rises and the tarmac melts? Whether we're in the park, on the street or in the beer garden, we can rip off our shirts and point our moobs to the sun, safe in the knowledge that nobody is watching from an upstairs window brandishing improper thoughts and a zoom lens. If women want to really enjoy the feel of a cool breeze on exposed flesh, they have to head for a beach or head indoors. Tough luck, as they say.

Pee standing up

This one's worth mentioning again. Have you ever seen a queue for the ladies in a busy club or at a big music festival? A woman with a weak bladder and a hectic social life could spend half her life just waiting for their turn in the toilet.

Open jars

Opening giant jars of Marmite? Well, that's probably a man's job.

There are still plenty of physical tasks that you need the strong muscles of mankind for. Sure, there are female bodybuilders who would snap the lot of us like a toothpick and female boxers who would knock anyone out with a flick of their finger. But in general, men have larger muscle mass and greater lung capacity - it's just a fact - meaning we can carry stuff, push stuff and open stuff that most women just can't.

Sleep around

Even in these supposedly enlightened times, women who sleep around are called bad things, while men who sleep around are called good things. Yep, it's not fair and it shouldn't happen - we're not condoning the 'one rule for us and one rule for them' mentality which society foists on the two sexes. But come on girls, you get on average five extra years of life. We'd probably swap.

Fertilise eggs

We're incredibly useful for sperm. But that won't stop them trying to replicate the good stuff in a lab.

The more radical of our female counterparts like to say that, just as soon as they learn to make sperm in a Petri dish, it's curtains for mankind. What will be the point of keeping us around then, with our messy ways, our unpleasant habits and outrageous sexual demands?

Well, that day ain't here yet, no-siree! Until then, women can make eggs but only we can make them live. And we've got millions of our little swimmers to chuck around.

Wield power

Mrs Thatcher was the exception that proves the rule. There have been no other female prime ministers, and no female presidents in the US White House at all. When it comes to the very top jobs in business, head honchos in skirts are still a rarity, and the military top brass is a male dominated field.

Take our drink

There's a very good reason that women are advised to drink far fewer units of alcohol than men. They can't take it. Men are generally bigger, so the alcohol we do consume is less concentrated in our bloodstream. We also produce more of the enzyme that breaks down booze in the body. That's why the recommended government level is a little higher for men.

Stay pert

Fact is, we just don't have as much that can droop as our female friends, and nor are we genetically programmed to store fat in certain places in case we fall pregnant. That's just basic science. But celebrate it all the same.

And talking of pregnancy, it can play havoc with the figure. By comparison, laying off the pies seems a pretty easy ask when it comes to staying toned.

Have sex with women

Getting to know a woman a whole heap better is one of the joys of being a man.

Last but by no means least. For all their appalling deficiencies - see above - women are fantastic, and - guess what?! - we get to have sex with them. Yes, we know, some women also get to have sex with women, but it's not sex in the way we understand it and, let's face it, the permutations are a bit more limited. Any man with anything about him has a world of women - or at least a small island (or decent-sized hamlet) - to play with.


Tomorrow we’ll tell you 10 things women can do that men can’t. That should be interesting say all at Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire.


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