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10 Things You Must Do In A Car Before You Die!

For all car nuts out their the list of 10 things you must do before you die has just been updated:

If the Mayan calendar is to be believed, December 2012 will mark the end of the world. Before you shuffle off this mortal coil, fulfill your motoring wish list.

12.93 miles. One hundred and fifty-four corners. Changeable weather by the lap. Zero run-off. Error is not an option. Welcome to the Nurburgring. Thousands try and tame the 'Green Hell' every year. Some die. Others bear scars. Try it at least once but respect it.

Dust off the tent, pack beer and head to France for the world's most famous endurance race Le Mans. Even if you're not into motor racing, the festival-like atmosphere, lack of sleep and camaraderie of the road trip will make this a weekend you won't forget.

Imagine if there was somewhere in the British Isles where you could take a very fast car and give it a proper workout. Well there is - and it's called the Isle of Man. For the price of a ferry trip - and perhaps the hire of a supercar - you could head to this haven of speed and enjoy your car's performance without fear of having your collar felt.

It's the clich├ęd UK road trip to drive from the very tip of the country in the south-west to the most northerly point, but mix it up by avoiding motorways and setting yourself a deadline - like 24 hours.

Next time you holiday in Germany (err, what?) find a derestricted stretch of Autobahn and max your car. Few activities feel more liberating.

Route 66 is the backbone of the US, stretching from Chicago in the east and ending 2,500 miles later in Santa Barbara, California. It is has been written and sung about more than any other road on Earth. Relive the American dream...

American's other great road is the Pacific Coast Highway in California, winding 655 miles down the western seaboard and combining perilous corners with rugged Pacific coast scenery. It is an absolute must at least once in your life. Hire something old, American and convertible

You've had your eye on a car for yonks. Let's say a Porsche. You've followed it in the classifieds and on the specialist sites. You've ummed and ahhed, weighing up the affordability. Know what? Life's too short - just buy it. So what if you can't really afford it? Eat less. Stop going to the pub. Cancel your Sky subscription.

Enjoy yourselves says Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire.

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