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15Kg Tile On Timber Ready Mixed Flexible Tile Adhesive


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Tile On Timber Ready Mixed Flexible Tile Adhesive: is a grey ready mixed paste tile adhesive with high flexibility and water resistance specifically designed for tiling directly onto timber floors.

Tile On Timber is suitable for fixing all types of ceramic tiles, including vitrified, porcelain and mosaics and is ideal for application directly onto timber panels, plywood, composite board, tongue and groove floorboards and floating plywood floors. Tile On Timber is also suitable for tiling on cement based substrates and its grey colour enables Tile On Timber to be used as a floor grout.   


As an adhesive: Stir adhesive well before use. Substrates must be porous. Do not apply below 5`C.(surface or ambient temperatures).  Apply using flooring grade board notched trowel (10mm x 10mm notch at 16mm centres) to give an even ribbed bed of adhesive on substrate. Bed the tiles directly into the surface of the adhesive and secure with a slight twist action to remove voids. It is good practice to periodically remove a tile and check that at least 75% of the tile is covered in adhesive and that the adhesive bed is no more than 3mm thick, otherwise adhesive will not achieve its full cured strength. If this is not the case, remove old and apply fresh adhesive and reposition. Do not comb out more than ca. 1m2 of adhesive at a time. Always position tiles within 10 minutes of combing adhesive onto sub floor, ie. before adhesive skins over. Clean all adhesive residues on surface of tile within 10mins. Do not walk on floors after tiling for 24 hours minimum or until adhesive has set. For cool, low porosity surfaces, this may be up to 72 hours.

As a grout: Only proceed with grouting when adhesive is dry (24-72 hours at 20`C depending on tile and substrate). Grout only 1m2 at a time, cleaning area thoroughly with a damp cloth before adhesive dries. Do not walk on floor for a further 1-2 days to allow grout to thoroughly dry. Only suitable for grouting joints 10mm max wide.

Coverage: Using the notched trowel detailed above, approx. 4kg/m²

Open Time: 20 minutes max at normal room temperatures.

Do not apply more adhesive than can be tiled in 10 minutes.

Drying Time: Allow to dry for 24 hours before grouting (up to 72 hours for low porosity surfaces). As with all water based adhesives, Tile On Timber cures by the evaporation of water from the adhesive bed. Careful consideration must therefore be given to the site and surface conditions when determining the time after which the tiled area will be ready to take foot traffic. Drying time will be prolonged by low temperatures, high humidity and low surface/tile porosity.

Clean Up: Tile On Timber is extremely difficult to remove when dry. All surplus adhesive must be removed whilst adhesive is still wet using a dampened cloth or sponge, particularly along grout lines. Clean tools in water after use. Wash hands with warm water and soap after use.

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