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3 Steps to Install

1. Using a toothed trowel apply an even spread of Tier Adhesive directly to the wall

Do not apply using spots or blobs as this will weaken the bond.

Once the adhesive has been applied, you must install the panel within 40 minutes.

Coverage of 3m2 per bag.

Tier Flexible Adhesive

2. Fix in place using a rubber mallet

Panels can be cut easily using a diamond blade where necessary.

For instal­la­tions up to 3m, panels can be directly adhered to the wall without the use of any fixings.

Anything over 3m in height must use metal fixings.

Larger surfaces require 8 fixings per square metre.

Fixing Detail

3. To achieve natural corners, two sizes are available so that the joints may be variable

Corner Pieces

Should the panels need to be cut to size, this can be done with standard masonry tools without the risk of cracks or fractures.

As the panels are held fast to the wall with the adhesive, there is no need to grout or use mortar.

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Tier Sealer

Covers 15 - 20 sq M
For interior & exterior use Low odor.
Suitable for all types of natural and artificial stone, quarry, brick & paving, honed, rough cut and polished surfaces. A natural finish water based impregnating sealer. Delicately enhances colou
Price inc. VAT
Tier Masonry Flexible Adhesive

Covers 3sq M per bag
TIER® Masonry Installation System is a patented, versatile polymer fortified mortar specifically formulated for the installation of TIER® Panel, Veneer Systems and manufactured stone masonry veneers. A high performance mix provides m
Price inc. VAT