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450g All Purpose Powder Filler Int/Ext


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Everbuild 450g All Purpose Powder Filler Int/Ext

Description: All purpose powder filler is a high strength powder filler which is the ideal choice for most indoor repairs. When mixed with water, the filler is ready to apply in one minute and dries in about one hour to a smooth sandable finish. Due to the high levels of added PVA powder, this filler will not shrink or crack and is strong enough to accept nails and screws.


  • Heavy-duty tough filler- will accept nails or screws when dry.
  • Non shrink.
  • Overpaintable with most solvent based emulsion paints.
  • Overstainable.

Areas For Use: Indoor/Outdoor repairs to plaster, plasterboard, brick, render, wood, stone, and most other building materials.

NOTE: Exterior use; always overpaint with oil based primer and topcoat to protect filler.

Further Information:

  • Do not use to fill plastic or metals.For holes deeper than 1 1/2" apply in layers and allow to dry before applying second layer.
  • Do not add further water once the filler has started to go off. Remix a fresh batch.
  • Allow to fully dry before overcoating.
  • Not recommended for overhead repairs.
  • As the manufacturer cannot know all the uses its products may be put to, it is the users responsibility to determine suitability for use.

Surface Preparation: All surfaces must be clean and dry and free from dust, grease and other contamination. Provide a key to gloss painted surfaces. Cover nail or screw heads with oil based paint and allow to dry. Dampen all porous surfaces to improve adhesion.

Application: Always use a clean mixing vessel and add 2 parts powder to one part cold water and immediately mix to a smooth paste. The mixed filler will remain workable for 30-40 minutes. Press the filler into the repair with a spreader or filling knife. Fill the hole proud to allow for sanding and finish with a wet knife. Once dry sand to a smooth finish. The filler may be papered over, painted or stained when dry.

Cleaning: All tools should be cleaned immediately after use with warm water.

Health & Safety: Low hazard formulation. However, do not inhale dust or ingest. Keep out of reach of children. Wash hands after use. Do not eat or drink during use. Remove product with soap and water. If product enters eyes, rinse immediately with cold water and seek medical attention if irritation persists. If ingested, give plenty of water to drink and seek medical attention.

Storage: Store in cool, dry conditions. Protect from moisture.

Shelf Life: 24months when stored according to manufacturers instructions.

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Deliveries can be made throughout most of Lancashire, approximately 20 miles radius from our depot at Accrington, Lancashire.

Other locations may also be arranged for direct loads from our suppliers e.g. full loads of bricks or blocks.

Vehicle Types

We operate 3 crane offload vehicles:

  • Our smallest vehicle can carry approx 5 ton.
  • Our middle sized vehicle can carry approx 7.0 ton and has a tipping facility for loose sand and aggregates.
  • Our largest vehicle can carry approx 8.0 ton and also has a tipper facility.


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