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500ml Gunfoam Cleaner


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Gunfoam Cleaner is used to remove wet/uncured foam. Attaches to Gun Foam Applicator for purging through; also includes spray nozzle for use without applicator to remove wet foam from outside of the gun and from most building substrates.


  • Contains seperate nozzle, hence may be used to clean both guns and DIY grade nozzles
  • Enables expensive guns to be reused time after time

Areas for use:

  • Cleaning Pu foams from guns and nozzles
  • Cleaning spilt PU foam from surrounding areas

Note: Will only clean uncured foam. Cured foam must be removed mechanically

Surface Preparation: When cleaning spilt/excess foam, ensure surrounding areas are protected with impervious masking tape to prevent attack by the solvents in this product.

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Area Covered

Deliveries can be made throughout most of Lancashire, appro­ximately 20 miles radius from our depot at Accrington, Lancashire.

Other locations may also be arranged for direct loads from our suppliers e.g. full loads of bricks or blocks.

Vehicle Types

We operate 3 crane offload vehicles:

  • Our smallest vehicle can carry approx 5 ton.
  • Our middle sized vehicle can carry approx 7.0 ton and has a tipping facility for loose sand and aggregates.
  • Our largest vehicle can carry approx 8.0 ton and also has a tipper facility.


Pricing will vary depending on the goods required and distance travelled.

We can offer very competitive rates for delivery — please contact us for more details.