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6 Easy Steps To Going Green

6 Easy steps to going green

It’s everywhere you look!!

 In the press, on the TV (not left on ‘standby of course!) in magazines, the supermarket, even children talk about it! You will have heard about it somewhere . . . climate change, floods, fair trade and organic but maybe you can't see what the fuss is about or can't be bothered, so . . .

Why go green if no one's looking?

Well, here are 6 Reasons to Go Green and why it really is good for YOU as well as the planet.  read on to find a few benefits to yourself and to those around you.

1. What about the appliances?

Your standby button is an energy-eating monster! You will inevitably reduce your electricity/­gas bills if you use low energy light bulbs, turn off appliances instead of leaving them on standby, turn your thermostat down, don't heat unused rooms, use draught excluders, and put silver foil behind your radiators. Sounds too much like hard work? Make it fun, turn it into a competition in the family and when you get your hands on the cash you’ll save – go out, have fun, enjoy!

2. Going green gets romantic

Come on you lovebirds, young and older . . . stimulate those better conver­sations, improve your relati­on­ships. How? Just only have the television on when you really,­really want to watch something; use candles instead of electric lighting; share showering for ‘green toget­herness’ and then send the children up to bed earlier. They stay warm and cosy and you can sizzle . . . .

3. Container contentment

It’s a fact . . you will save money and will always have the right size container to hand if you simply re-use your glass jars and those annoying plastic tubs.

4. no-Chemicals Cleaning

How many brands of cleaning products do you have to choose from these days. Save your lungs and skin by using non-toxic cleaning products such as bicarbonate of soda, lemon juice and vinegar as well as saving money and have a sparkling clean, non-chemical house. Breathe easier; you’re saving time, energy and the planet!

5. What’s cooking?

Start a culinary revolution for your family!! Order a weekly organic vegetable box. As you look forward to the arrival of your weekly organic vegetable box, you will probably gain knowledge of which vegetables are in season and how to cook vegetables you didn't know existed, if only to impress the children . . . .

6. In ‘Fair-trade’ we trust

As you insist on fair-trade products only for your tea, coffee and other goods, you never have to worry about where it came from or doubt the fact that you are assisting in some-one’s livelihood and quality of life . . .. sustainable conscience

All sounds very good but what about the cost of organic vegetable boxes and Fair Trade products say Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire.

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