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A Changing Industry and Challenges Facing Greengates Builders Merchants, Lancashire

Due to the increase in competition and rising costs it has been imperative that any company operating within this sector adds value to their business. Greengates Builders Merchants, Lancashire believes we have added value to our business through enhanced service provision, product development and diver­si­fica­tion. Greengates also feels that investment in business management technologies and staff development are also key aspects to success.

At Greengates we feel that the biggest challenge we currently face due to the economic climate is to ensure that we maintain our level of excellence in servicing customers against ever increasing costs and maintaining a commitment to continuous investment to ensure the company remains a reliable business. Material shortages currently affecting the industry present you our customers with a challenge, which can be overcome through working with a reliable supplier who has access to raw materials through a robust supply chain. Here at Greengates we have these all important reliable suppliers with access to raw materials in order to provide our customers with the materials they require.

Here at Greengates we recognise how important it is to have satisfied customers. We feel that quality customer service delivery will help to create genuine customer loyalty. Customers today are not just interested in the products they are being offered but in the overall service experience they receive. Here at Greengates we feel that the product knowledge and advice which our staff have to offer are an essential ingredient for satisfying our customers.

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