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Acrypol Flexible Reinforcement Mesh/Scrim Now Available From Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire

ACRYPOL Flexible Reinforcement Mesh/Scrim

Now Available At Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire.


For over 23 years Acrypol+ has been used successfully as a building repair product.  However on some areas of the building envelope extra reinforcement is  required.  Acrypol flexible reinforcement mesh can be incorporated into one application of Acrypol+ to bridge over major splits and cracks n roofs and gutters.  The product can even support Acrypol+ over holes in roof sheets.  Acrypol flexible reinforcement mesh is easy to work with, it can be cut with scissors and forms well into most surfaces.


The product is thin enough to be absorbed into a single application of Acrypol+ which means there are no visible seams or laps showing.  The product has a unique rigidity which means it does not curl up on its edges in the way that some other products do.  The more recent legislation relating to the use of heating equipment on roofs make this cold applied system a firm favourite with specifiers and contractors alike.

ACRYPOL Flexible Reinforcement Mesh/Scrim can be used to reinforce:-

Splits and holes in Asbestos sheets

  • Laps in Asbestos sheets
  • Roof fixings
  • Cracks, splits and holes in gutters
  • Joints in gutters
  • Splits in roof lights
  • Splits and cracks in metal roofs
  • Cracks in glass
  • Splits in Asphalt and felt
  • Splits in single ply and fibreglass roofs


How To Use ACRYPOL Flexible Reinforcement Mesh/Scrim:


  1. Remove all loose dirt, moss, lichen
  2. Apply a coat of Acrypol+
  3. Now lay reinforcement mesh into the wet Acrypol+ using a paint brush
  4. Then apply another coat of Acrypol+ onto the mesh

As simple as that!


ACRYPOL Flexible Reinforcement Mesh/Scrim comes in 15cm x 20metre rolls.



Come and see us today and pick up your Acrypol+ and Mesh,

it couldn’t be easier.



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