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An Exciting New Product..

Greengate proudly stock a wide range of items from selected quality manufacturers. We are always on the lookout for quality new products to add to our list and recently discovered ResiDUAL. Now you can enjoy all the benefits of using this specially formulated resin compound.

Designed for jointing wide gaps in landscaping projects, ResiDUAL resin compound is ideal for use with patios, paths and drives. The formula will work with most types of stone, concrete and cobbles and has the added advantage of being usable on damp surfaces. There is no chance of cement staining and you save time and money as compared to more traditional methods.

Simply mixed with medium coarse 30 grade kiln dried sand, the ResiDual is easy to apply and you can carry out the work standing up, meaning an end to the sore knees so commonly experienced! The formula is self-compacting and is also water-permeable.

To make sure the aesthetic appearance of the finished project is perfect, ResiDUAL has an innovative, integral colour enhancer. Weeds can often be a problem but not with this formula, which is designed to inhibit unsightly and potentially damaging weed growth on its surface. Curing takes just 24-36 hours depending on ambient temperature so there’s hardly any waiting around.

Another problem that is solved by using ResiDUAL resin compound is that caused by ants in which their activities cause joint erosion. All in all, this product offers tough resistance to the outdoor environment and is available a an extremely competitive price.

Finally, ResiDUAL is fully British-made and the manufacturer is proud to be flying the flag for British industry.

So, for all of your resin compound needs, choose ResiDUAL to deliver the perfect fix every time. Available from the Greengates yard. 

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