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Are Men Cleaner Than Women!

It’s commonly perceived that men are the grubbier gender. We’re an uncouth and unkempt bunch, who would rather turn our underpants inside out and wear them again than go to the bother of finding a clean pair.

That’s a rather dated stereotype, of course, and it’s probably fair to say that men have been catching up in the cleanliness stakes for a while. And as it turns out, we may be moving into the lead.

Men becoming obsessive about hygiene

Women are supposed to be the squeaky-clean gender, but a new survey suggests men are at least equally obsessive when it comes to personal hygiene.

The survey, for Cuticura Hand Wash, found that there’s no difference between the genders in the amount we wash our hands, clean our teeth and - perhaps most surprisingly - change our bedding.

Both sexes washed their hands on average 10 times a day and both changed their bed sheets every three weeks or so.

In some areas men were even forging ahead. According to the survey, on average men wash their hair 24 times a month, compared to 22 times for women.

“There is often a common perception that men are less competent when it comes to keeping themselves at a good standard of hygiene but these results show that isn’t the case,” said a spokesman.

“In recent years we’ve become a lot more conscious of bacteria and the importance of cleanliness in our domestic lives, especially during cold and flu season, and it’s clear to see that men are just as aware of this as women.”


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