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Are You Complying With The New British Standard For Slating And Tiling?

What is the British Standard BS 5534?

On August 31st 2014, The British Standard for Slating and Tiling (BS 5534) was updated. The widely anticipated and welcomed update contained a number of changes that are designed to improve the overall security of the roof structure.

Following its publication, there was a six month coexistence period where both the new and old standard existed together, meaning either could be used. It is important to note, that the new standard became mandatory at the end of February 2015, and any roof not started by this date, must be installed to the new version. Marley’s guide to the BS 5534 change’s, provides a quick overview to the changes and the solutions the roofing industry can use.

The British Standard for Slating and Tiling provides the industry with guidance on best practice, relating to the installation of a roof. Contained within it is a vast array of information, ranging from batten selection, to the methods of fixing, through to wind uplift formulas, providing a means of calculating fixing specifi­cations.

Whilst installing to the British Standard isn’t a requirement by law, it can be included within a specifi­cation and upheld in a court if necessary. In most instances, manuf­ac­turers providing products for the roofing industry will usually ensure their installation guidelines closely follow the standard, and any deviation will require documented evidence to prove suitability. Also, most third party warranty providers, such as the NHBC or Zurich, will only cover a building if it has been installed to relevant British Standards.

For further information on the updated British Standard for Sating and Tiling BS 5534 please go to:

“It’s always best to follow the set out guidelines” says Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire.

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