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Are You Having A Dry January?


RECORD numbers of people promising to give up alcohol for January have left pub landlords across the country facing a “nightmare” New Year.

Major campaigns run by health chiefs and charities encouraging drinkers to go dry for the month have sent shockwaves through the licensed trade.

Four pubs currently close down every day in the UK, the highest closure rate since 1904 when the Government passed the Compensation Act, which forced one in every 10 bars to shut.

On Friday more than two million regular drinkers went on the wagon, triggering a catastrophic drop in takings for many pubs already struggling.

A spokesman for the British Pub and Beer Association said: “As beer is the mainstay of the pub it also supports your local. Many pubs still face challenging trading conditions and it can be a case of ‘Use it or lose it’.”

The warning follows reports that the Government’s chief medical officer Dame Sally Davies is advising drinkers to cut out alcohol on at least two days a week.

And it came as the Local Government Association called for alcoholic drinks to carry calorie counts on their labels to help fight obesity.

The Dry January campaign was founded four years ago by Alcohol Concern, a registered charity. This year it is being backed by Public Health England, a quango affiliated to the Department of Health, which has paid for nationwide Twitter and Facebook campaigns.


Information taken from Daily Express


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