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Are You Helping Make Domino’s Pizza Rich?

Britons have less cash to splash, fewer hours out of the office and their thumbs attached to a smartphone - and Domino’s Pizza is delighted.

Hungry Brits spent almost 18pc more on pizza this summer than last year, driving UK sales at the fast-food chain up to £165.7m up from £140.9m last year.

And the Domino’s domination continues: the London-listed group plans to open a few dozen more stores in the coming weeks, bringing its total for 2014 into the 40 to 50 region.

The future, though, is digital. Last week, the fast-food delivery service announced a push to online and mobile ordering.

As David Wild, chief executive of Domino’s Pizza Group, noted, “You make it easier for customers to order pizza, the more pizza they will order."

In the summer quarter, 71pc of delivered sales were placed online, compared to 62pc in the same period last year. Half of those were made on mobile devices, up from 34pc in 2013.

Mr Wild said the company is “delighted” with the performance of its UK business.

“We are building on our success online with the roll-out of our new website and a series of enhancements to continue to make it easy for our customers to order Domino's,” he said.

In the UK at least, where Domino’s has more than a quarter of the pizza market, the fast-food chain seems have figured out the secret ingredients of a great pizza: a cardboard box and a smartphone.

“Are you a Domino Pizza lover? Did you enhance Domino’s profits this weekend? “ asks Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire.


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