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Are You Into The New Beer Drinking Trend?

Are You Into The New Beer Drinking Trend?

It’s looking like you should be a beer drinker if you want to look cool when you have friends round to eat.

There's nothing new about enjoying beer with food. Who doesn't love a cold lager at a barbecue?

But selecting specific ales according to each dish on the menu is now the only way to dine as the trend for beer and food pairing goes from strength to strength.

The explosion in craft beers and exciting new brews has led to an interest in all things hops, with weird and wonderful new flavours drawing in new types of beer drinkers, especially younger foodie types and women.

The trend has been growing for several years, both here and America with gastropubs offering cool combinations of their favourite beers and food.  And now the huge selection of brilliant craft brews available in the supermarket means that you can take the trend home.

Summer is a fantastic time to start drinking beer. At this time of year people are enjoying lighter and more approachable styles like blondes, ambers and goldens, which are a great introduction for people to get into beer drinking if they have’t really tried it yet, and go really well with salads, light curries and barbecue food.

 “sounds like a good idea to us to have a change from wine, so next time you go shopping load up your trolly with some designer beers” says Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire.




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