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Are You The Perfect Man?

A woman's perfect man: how many of the 30 points do you tick?

Are you the perfect man? A new study says that 30 traits make up every woman’s Prince Charming.

You may think quite highly of yourself, but are you the perfect man?

We only ask because, according to research by clothing company Austin Reed, there's now a way to tell. The company surveyed 2,000 British women and came up with a 30-point tick list of ideal male traits.

Women want the moon on a stick

British women have some pretty high expectations. But they are also conforming to their somewhat contradictory evolutionary biology.

Classic evolutionary psychology suggests that women want chiselled, toned men for sex. They want those high quality genes to pass on to their own offspring and studies show that when women are ovulating they fancy manly men most of all.

But at other times of the month, they look for less macho, more nurturing men, who might not be as physically impressive but are likely to be around to help bring up the children. Those men might not be the most high status individuals, but they'll have steady jobs with decent enough incomes and won't be flooded with offers from 21-year-old blondes.

So yes, put those two sides together and you have the Austin Reed study's definition of a perfect man. It's not one any of us can hope to live up to in full, of course. But how close do you come? Here are the 30 traits of the perfect man they listed - do you make the grade?

Apparently, the perfect man is...

1. Six feet tall

2. Muscly, toned and athletic

3. Brown eyes

4. Short dark hair

5. Smart dress sense

6. A beer / lager drinker

7. Non-smoker

8. Wears smart jeans, shirt and a V-neck jumper

9. Gets ready in 17 minutes

10. Stylish

11. Wants a family

12. Earns £48,000 a year

13. Loves shopping

14. Eats meat

15. Clean shaven

16. Smooth chest

17. Watches soaps

18. Enjoys watching football

19. Drives an Audi

20. Educated to degree level

21. Earns more than his other half

22. Jokes around and has a laugh

23. Sensitive when his wife/girlfirend is upset

24. Says 'I love you' only when he means it

25. Admits it when he looks at other women

26. Holds a driving licence

27. Can swim

28. Can ride a bike

29. Can change a tyre

30. Rings mum regularly

 "How do you measure up?" asks Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, lancashire

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