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Artificial Grass: The Intelligent Imitation

Artificial Grass: The Intelligent Imitation

Keeping a garden lawn in tip-top condition is far from easy. Springtime brings the nightmare of weeds; summer is full of endless mowing, strimming and watering; autumn means raking up leaves and tree debris while winter often kills the lawn completely, turning it into a mudbath. But there is an easy solution and it's available right here at Greengate's, your local builders merchant.

That solution is to install an artificial lawn. Pet- and child-friendly, low maintenance, cost-effective and aesthe­tic­ally perfect all year round, artificial grass can save you lots of money, lots of stress and lots of precious time that could be better spent enjoying your garden. And here's the process in three easy steps...

  1. Choose the pile height you require. 25mm is our standard, all-round option and is practical and hardy with totally natural texture and appearance. If you want to add a little extra prestige, luxury and authen­ticity, go for the superior 35mm pile height option.
  2. Order installation materials from us here at Greengate's. You'll need tape and glue to seam pieces of grass together; the glue can also be used on a hard base to secure perimeters. You'll also need a membrane to prevent the growth of weeds while still allowing drainage, a perimeter edge to butt the grass up to and underlay to provide a soft, cushioned base.
  3. Using the clear, concise instructions provided, install the grass and enjoy! If you run into any diffi­cul­ties, you can always get in touch with our technical support helpline absolutely free of charge. We'd love to show you this process first hand so you can see how easy it is so why not visit us? Our address is on the website.

A beautiful lawn with none of the mowing, feeding, watering or worrying. What's not to love?! Find out more by giving us a call...

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