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As If We Don’t Pay Enough To Fly!



One look at the website of any travel agent shows just how cheap flying has become.

Cheap, that is, unless you have the temerity to ask the airline to print your ticket. Or want to take a bag large enough to carry anything bigger than a pair of travel-sized nail clippers.  Or actually want to book seats, to avoid your family being separated to far flung corners of the planes cabin.

Well, perhaps fearing we’re not paying enough for extras bosses at Manchester Airport are planning to charge willing flyers £50 for a service to guide people through check-in, through security, and to their gate.

The somewhat eerily named 'Friendly Guides' service is primarily for people with a disability or who do not speak English, reports the Manchester Evening News.  Customers who choose the service will also get a free trolley (£1 to the rest of us) and a contact card should they need any more help.

They will be fast-tracked through immigration on their arrival back into Manchester and led to their vehicle or public transport. The £50 charge covers groups of four.

“So who really would pay this extra £50 for a service we don’t need.  Surely the disabled traveller should get this service free of charge and saying it is for people who cant speak English would it not be better to put up signs in several languages like in other countries, this just seems like a rip of money making racket”, says Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire.



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