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Autumn Is Upon Us!

The season autumn starts after summer and ends when the winter begins. During autumn nights will grow longer and the avarage temperature will decrease. Many plants and also some animals will start to prepare for the cold winter that lays ahead. This means leafs on trees will become brown, red or yellow and animals who hibernate will be very buisy collecting food. Asto­nomi­cally speaking the autumn starts on the date when night and day are equal in lenght: de Autumnal Equinox. The autumn ends on the date when the day is at its shortest: the Winter Solstice.

Astronomical autumn: September 21st to December 20th
Mete­oro­logical autumn: September 1st to November 30th


The World Mete­oro­logical Organization officially mandates September 1 of any year as the first day of the climato­logical autumn and November 30 as the last day in the northern hemisphere.

So you can see tomorrow is officially the first day of Autumn and that means winter is not far away.  Not a very good thought is it! You now need to make sure that your property is winter ready.  You don’t want any damage caused by a harsh winter like the last two we have had.

Greengates can help with this, we stock everything you may need to get ready for winter.

Just give us a call, tell us what your building problem is and we can give you the solution.  Simple isn’t it?

Give us a call today and get your materials ordered for this weekend and get on with some basic maintenance before the evenings are too dark to work and the weekends to wet and cold.  

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