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Basement Conversion: The Professional System

Basement conversion is a popular, cost-effective way to increase the living space in a property. When converting a basement or cellar, it is essential to carry out effective waterproofing and Baseline 8 is one of the best materials to do it with. Greengate's your local builders merchant, supply the Baseline 8 Membrane Kit at an extremely competitive price.

As the price of land and property continues to increase, basement conversion becomes ever more popular. Cellar waterproofing technology has improved dramatically in recent years and Baseline 8, a professional waterproofing membrane solution, is further increasing the popularity of basement conversion.

Baseline 8 is a cavity drain membrane system which permits the attachment of timber-frame studs to its front side. This allows for services (such as electrical wiring) to run safely and effectively between the membrane and the studs, preventing any penetration and compromising of the waterproofing system.

Connecting the membranes is achieved with the use of tough, robust butyl waterproofing tape, which creates an effective watertight seal; this is particularly important at the junctions between floors and walls, the most vulnerable area. Once sealed, the water drainage system is completely impenetrable by water, helping to isolate the masonry from internal finishes. Water disposal is easily facilitated without any chance of liquid coming into contact with the new living area.

The Baseline 8 membrane kit includes a roll of membrane along with the necessary butyl seals and fixing plugs. Find out more on our website!

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