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Beat The Christmas Crowds This Year

What Happens To Us When We Christmas Shop?

Everyone dreads the stress of Christmas shopping with the huge crowds fighting for a bargain and the overcrowded car parks.

Psycho­logists say the experience is so painful that it sparks the primal ‘fight or flight’ mechanism.

The experience can also cause exhaustion and anxiety as well as guilt and feelings of inadequacy and people can become aggressive and can lead to shopping rage.

People who live in the countryside are most at risk of adverse effects as they are not used to the crowds.

When you are placed in these circum­stances, a person’s heart rate increases, they sweat more and their body starts to produce cortisol – the stress hormone. This can promote aggression but that can also make people want to escape meaning some will leave a trolley full of shopping as they cannot bear to spend any more time in the crowd.

The good news is that you can avoid all this stress by visiting us at Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire.

We have a compre­hen­sive range of tools and clothing for the Builder or DIY enthusiast in your life.

Experts say to make a list before going shopping, so have a look on the tools and clothing sections on the web site and make your list.  You can even give us a ring and order over the phone and we will deliver your purchases for you.  What could be easier than that.

So Give Us A Ring


Come Along To Our Whalley Road Yard

And Beat The Christmas Rush

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