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Bickering Can Harm Your Health


Did you know that bickering with your other half can have an impact on your health.

But just how serious the effect depends on what type of row you have according to scientists.

Research shows that the way husbands and wives argue can be linked to specific health problems later in life.

Scientists say they can determine what kind of ill health a husband can have in 20 years time just by following a 15-minute argument.

The link between emotions and health outcomes was most pronounced for men., The study, which tracked the lives of 156 heterosexual couples since 1989, revealed outbursts of anger can predict heart problems later in life.

And shutting down emotionally, or ‘stonew­alling’, during arguments increases the risk of ailments such as a bad back or stiff muscles.

As part of the study, researchers filmed the couples, every five years when they discussed their lives and areas of disagreement and enjoyment.

Behavioural experts rated these interactions based on the parti­cipants’ facial expression, body language and tone of voice. They looked for indicators such as lips pressed together, knitted brows, voices raised and lowered and tight jaws. To identify ‘stonew­alling’ they looked at facial stiffness, rigid neck muscles, and little or no eye contact.

The spouses also completed health ques­ti­on­naires and the data was linked to symptoms measured every five years. Those who flew off the handle were found to be at greater risk of developing chest pain, high blood pressure and other cardi­ovas­cular problems. And those who ‘­stonewalled’ by barely speaking or avoiding eye contact tended to develop backaches, stiff necks or joints and general muscle tension.

So if you want a healthy old age you need to stop falling out with your other half!!


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