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Biscuits: A Health and Safety Nightmare

Forget the common thought health and safety risks posed from things such as fork-lifts in pedestrian areas, there is a much greater risk to merchants’ staff and customers- BISCUITS.

According to a recent survey carried out by Dr David Lewis the director of Mindlab Inter­national, an estimated 25 million adults have injured themselves during a tea or coffee break and at least 500 needed to go to hospital because of their injuries.

A third of adults said they’d been scalded in a dunking incident and one in ten admitted to breaking a tooth on a biscuit. Twenty eight percent had chocked on crumbs, while three percent failed to grasp the concept of the human digestive system and had poked themselves in the eye with a biscuit. Others fell off their chairs after reaching for the biscuit tin, or got hit by flying biscuit fragments. One man even admitted during the survey to previously getting stuck in concrete after wading in to try and save a stray biscuit.

In a league table of the fifteen most lethal biscuits, custard creams came out as the most hazardous, with a biscuit injury threat evaluation rating of 5.63%. The safest, with a biscuit injury threat evaluation rating of 1.16% was the Jaffa Cake, though this could be due to the fact that t is a cake not a biscuit!

Greegates Builders Merchants, Lancashire would therefore like to encourage you to stay safe when indulging in a biscuit on your tea or coffee break!

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