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Block Shortage Hits The Industry

Block Shortage Hits The Industry

The construction industry is now on the mend. The demand for new homes is taking over the industry and optimism is starting to return.

However it appears that the dreaded brick and block shortages have started to rear their ugly heads once again.

There are two reasons for this:

Firstly and quite positively, the demand for Aircrete blocks has been steadily rising over the past 4 years and is continuing to grow with the increase of new build housing and the increasing popularity of Aircrete as a preferred fabric for the latest 2013 building regulations which are now starting to be adopted on new builds.

The second is that the key raw material for the production of aircrete is pulverised fuel ash (PFA) the waste product from coal fired power stations and this is in short supply. This is a key raw material is also used in the manufacture of concrete blocks, cement and ready mix concrete, so these materials may soon be affected too.

The PFA shortage has arisen from a combination of factors. Low gas prices have driven electricity generators to burn less coal and more gas, the mild winter has reduced the overall level of electricity generation and UK Government taxes and legislation has turned sales away from domestic coal generation. This situation will improve when gas prices start to rise again and we have a colder winter.

Statistics suggest that brick and block manuf­ac­turers have quickly adjusted to the rise in demand and that mothballed factories have reopened and extra shifts created.

So if want to avoid the shortages and want certainty over completing your next project on time give us a ring today and discuss your needs.


Information from the house­bu­ilding magazine


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