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Bubble Tea The Tasty New Trend

The Taiwanese have been drinking it for thirty years - is this tapioca-based refreshment about to turn the traditional "cuppa" on its head?

Could this be the end of the great British builders tea?

A flavoured drink that became popular inTaiwanese night markets three decades ago is becoming the next big thing on the streets of London.

Bubble tea, a milk or fruit-based drink made from small pellets of tapioca, is a new alternative to the leaf-based teas typically sipped in Britain.

Jasmyn Jarnigan of Bubble tea store Bubbleology said: "it's a fairly new concept for the English tea drinkers. Bubble tea is much different from the traditional English tea.

"It's a drink and a snack at the same time."

The tea can be drunk hot or cold and, in some cases, customised with different flavours.

Is this just another short lived craze or could it take over the great British cuppa?

We don’t think so here at Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington Lancashire, infact we think it sounds pretty awful. 

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