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Builder from Blackburn Dubbed Builder From Hell



A well know Director of a construction business in Blackburn has been fined £110,000, banned from being a Company Director for three years and given a suspended prison sentence.


The Health and Safety Executive said he had shown a blatant disregard of Health and Safety on his construction sites.


The judge who gave sentence said he was to be made an example to other company directors who thought they could bypass Health and Safety Rules, there has to be a deterrent for this kind of behaviour he said.


The company director was caught on camera watching one of his work men balancing on an excavator bucket 12 feet above the ground.


Only weeks later another episode caused a bricklayer to sustain serious back and leg injuries after working on scaffolding which had not been put up by qualified personnel and lacked vital protection methods to prevent falling from a height.


The judge said that worker safety was clearly compromised on both occasions and the failings were identified as textbook examples of why falls from height remain such a common problem in the construction industry. The director of this company has driven a coach and horses’ through health and safety legislation and this is not the first or second time there has been incidents.


“Although Health and Safety can go too far sometimes when people’s lives are at risk the rules must be followed at all times” says Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire.

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