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Buy A New Home?


Many buyers don’t like the idea of a new house but should they? 

Unfor­tunately, new homes get a bad rap. But to solve the housing crisis we have to find a way to get existing communities to want new build developments in their area, rather than object to them. We also need to make sure that once they are built, buyers understand the true benefits of a new build.

75% of people, according to RIBA research, never want to buy a new home, they are lovers of properties with character.

Most people believe that developers build small boxes on sprawling estates with paper-thin walls, which all look the same and cost a fortune. And back in the 1980s that’s pretty much what developers did build.

However there is now an awful lot of work being put into the designs of new homes and communities from both the private and social sectors.

But the problem is that most communities and house buyers don’t know this. As a nation, we are so keen on bashing property companies and scaring people about the property market that we forget to celebrate the great work being done.

And mention the word affordable to private homeowners and many will automati­cally object to the development for fear of badly-behaved neighbours being shipped in, and the resulting damage that might be done to their existing view and property price.

There’s another problem – new build sites must be well-designed so that people want to live in them. It’s vital we understand what homeowners actually want and need.

From the Future Homes Commission, we’ve learnt people want natural light through large windows, high ceilings, a big main living room, flexible space, storage, and access to green space. They also want easy-to-integrate technology and an energy-efficient home. The type of property that provides all of this? In the public’s mind: a Victorian terrace. We need to change people’s perceptions of new build properties, and convince them that new homes can provide all that older properties can. 

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