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Cement In Water Proof Bags

Rugby Cement In Waterproof Sacks

Rugby Premium Cement Available In 100% Waterproof Packs From Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire

At Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire we Stock Rugby Premium Cement in 100% water proof bags to make everyday life easier for you the builder.

The great British weather has done it again, rain, rain and more rain.  This is just the product for you if your trying to complete any building works outside.  Rugby cement in water proof bags, who would of thought you’d need this in July.

Benefits of Rugby Cement:

·         Rugby Premium is for use in concrete, motar, render and screed.

·         Rugby Premium Cement is consistent, convenient and cost effective.

·         Rugby Premium Cement has enhanced freeze/thaw durability.

·         The Rugby Premium Cement is lighter in colour which is ideal for use in all applications where colour is important.

·         Rugby Premium Cement requires less admixture in mortar.

·         Rugby Premium Cement has improved workability, cohesion, finishing and resistance of hardened mortar or concrete to freeze-thaw attack.

·         Rugby Premium Cement is Chromium (Vi) compliant – intended to reduce the risk of allergic contact dermatitis.

So don’t forget the name of this cement we are stocking in the 100% waterproof plastic pack making everyday life more convenient for you the builder.

Why not call into our Whalley Road Yard and get your Rugby Premium Cement today!

Or give us a ring and have it delivered to your site, no need to worry about the weather any more with the new 100% waterproof plastic packs of Rugby Premium Cement. (also available without a plastic sack)

Greengates Builders Merchants delivering to the whole of Lancashire including: Accrington, Blackburn, Burnley, Clitheroe, Darwen, Great Harwood, Haslingden, Padiham and Pendle.


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