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Check your Calendar

An octopus has 8 legs. An octagon has 8 sides. October is the 8th month. Wait… that’s not right; October is the 10th month! Ever wondered how this peculiar discrepancy came about? Read on for the surprising answer…

It’s actually quite simple. Up until the reign of Julius Caesar, October WAS the 8th month. Julius decided that he liked the summer so much that he would just make up a whole new month and name it July in honour of himself. When Augustus came to power, he liked the idea of having his own month too and August was born, relegating October even further.

So, why all this talk about the calendar. It’s because we here at your local builders merchant have decided that, if it’s so easy to fiddle with the calendar, we are going to have a go ourselves. We are so sick of the winter that we have decided to skip February and bring March forward so we can have a taste of springtime! Now if only the weather will pay attention to our date-shifting…

You can help us along by getting your mind into spring mode, forgetting about the winter and making plans for a bit of spring cleaning. It’s never too early to start decluttering and giving everything a good scrub down and once you start, it’s difficult to stop. This means that you might spend most of February too busy to notice the weather and it will really feel like you’ve been in a time machine!

Here at Greengate’s, we’ve got all sorts of cleaning products to help you get started. Each has been chosen to add to our product portfolio based on proven professional ability to get the job done right first time and, as always, we guarantee you will find the most competitive prices around.

Once you’ve got everything sparkling, you’ll notice that lots of places haven’t been painted in a while and so you’ll want a few tins of quality paint and a selection of brushes handy. Once, again, Greengate’s have all the products and tools you’ll need to make a classy job of it. Before you know it, spring will have arrived and winter will be banished until next year. Sorted.

Check out our range of products and order now in time for summer!

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