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Cold = Condensation = Damp

The onset of the coming winter’s cold weather has led to a sharp increase in indoor temperature as people turn up the heating and get ready for the chilliest part of the year. This increased temperature indoors leads to one of the most common causes of damp: condensation. Reducing the amount of condensation within a property is essential, preventing a multitude of problems before they can occur.

The air around is loaded with water vapour and the amount of vapour that can be contained is determined by temperature: the warmer the air the more vapour it can hold. Warm air circulates around the building and, where it meets cool surfaces such as windows or walls, condenses back into liquid water. This water then soaks into porous walls or woodwork, damaging the underlying structure while presenting the perfect environment for the growth of unhealthy and unsightly black mould.

Most water vapour comes from bathrooms and kitchens, where steam from cooking and bathing is common. It is important that such areas are closed off from the rest of the building by a door if possible and the room should be adequately ventilated in order to let overheated, vapour-laden air escape to be replaced by fresh. Drying laundry on radiators is common during periods of inclement weather and this is one of the biggest contributors of water vapour to the air: using radiators to dry laundry should be avoided though, if essential, the area should be well ventilated and connecting doors fully closed. Proper insulation is also important in reducing condensation.

Greengate’s are proud local suppliers of a comprehensive range of solutions to the problem of dampness in properties, from damp proofing products like membranes to a range of insulation products. We provide only materials of the highest standard to our diverse and ever-growing customer base and this, teamed with our impeccable customer service skills, means that Greengate’s is the only supplier you’ll need to get you through the winter.

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