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Coldest Temperatures For 40 Years!

We have been told we have had the wettest summer in history and now we have had the COLDEST! On Thursday we were left shivering as temperatures plunged to -2C ... as we braved the chilliest summer's night for 40 YEARS

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, Britain's rotten summer hit a new low on Thursday night as it suffered its coldest August evening in 40 years, with some areas dropping to below -2C.

The Highlands, Aberde­en­shire and Northum­berland had a frost while most parts of the UK were close to freezing as most Britons shivered in their beds.

Braemar in Scotland was the coldest spot as it dropped to -2.1C (28.22 Fahrenheit) , followed by Aviemore near Loch Ness on -1.8C and -0.7C in north-east England.

The only night that was colder came on August 21 1973, when Lagganilia in the Highlands dropped to -4.5C.

But outside the Highlands some weather stations are likely to have had record lows for their areas recorded.

Bradford in West Yorkshire had its coldest August night since records began in 1908 at 2.8C.

The tempe­ratures, which reflect the country's cold and soggy weather over recent months, have proved this summer has been a complete write-off.

Unusual cold winds dragged down the temperatures over night. 'This, combined with clear skies caused by the high pressure sitting over the country, meant all the heat radiated into the sky – leaving very cold temperatures for the time of year.'

“If it’s so cold now what is it going to be like in winter” asks Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire.

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