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Convenient, Local, Personal: The Greengate Method

The way in which we purchase products has changed dramatically over the years in response to new technology and ever-more demanding and discerning customers. Big-name chain stores became a common sight around the country years ago and are still popular, while the rise and rise of the online shopping phenomenon means that you can now get what you need at the click of a button. But something is missing…

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That something is the personal touch. In the push towards greater choice and lower prices, the shopping experience has become less and less personal, to the point where we may never communicate with an actual person in our transac­tions. While this may be acceptable with some products, the faceless transaction is not always suitable to building materials, tools and related items.

More and more people are turning back to a more traditional form of purchasing such products and Greengates are more than ready to welcome them. Throughout the changing times, we have continued to offer a uniquely personal service to our customers, providing an important connection that has become a rarity.

As we are an independent builder’s merchant, we care about customer satisfaction as much as about the consistently high quality of our products. Our reputation as suppliers of quality materials, built up carefully over many years, is extremely important to us and we intend to maintain it; big stores see individual customers as dispensable and have a ‘there’s more where they came from’ attitude.

We here are Greengates have always considered our customers as individuals, each an essential part of our business. This has meant that our customer service levels have been maintained at a consis­tently-high level, offering a real alternative to the ever-more impersonal experiences offered by others. From dispensing expert advice on site-specific issues to providing bespoke guidance in choosing exactly the right product, the Greengates team combine the most modern product portfolio with good old-fashioned customer care.

Get the personal experience and help make a positive impact on the local economy by sourcing your building materials from Greengate’s. Browse our collection now!

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