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Cost Of A Stamp Takes A Hike Today!



The cost of posting your letters has risen today as the cost of stamps takes a hike. 

The soaring price of stamps will force millions of people to stop sending cards and letters through the post, Royal Mail has admitted.

The government-owned company is braced for a 15 per cent fall in second class letters and a 12 per cent drop in first class mail when the price of stamps rose today Monday 30th April.

The scale of the decline in post - equivalent to 1m fewer letters posted every day - led to warnings that the hike in the price of stamps could “specta­cul­arly backfire” and do “irrevocable damage” to Britain’s postal service.

The cost of stamps has gone up from 46p to 60p for a first-class stamp, and 36p to 50p for second class.

Quite rightly Ofcom still insists on the Royal Mail's universal service obligation to deliver overnight to 29m addresses six days a week. But there's a cost to that and those who use it should pay it. Your local, friendly postie has to be paid for. It's this fact of life that's behind the decision by Ofcom which has allowed Royal Mail to increase the price of stamps.

In the age of email, texts, social networks and the rest, it is hard to justify any taxpayer subsidy for Royal Mail's letters delivery business.

The main objection to putting a price on letters is that those without digital alternatives - often the elderly - have no choice and so are disad­van­taged. But in a country celebrating longevity, even if we're struggling to pay for it, such arguments are becoming a bit old hat.

“So what do you think about the rise in postage? It may put a stop to the tradition of sending Christmas cards the cards are now cheaper than a stamp”! says Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire.



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