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Cottage On Wheels — a Tabernacle.

Not only are the tabernacles easy on the eye but, because they are mobile, they are highly practical, too. Despite their generous proportions, they have been designed so their overall measurements — four metres tall, 2.55 metres wide and up to 6.7 metres long — and wheels mean they fall within the legal definition of a caravan.

The accommodation is as luxurious and well-appointed as the most upmarket of country cottages, there is a fundamental difference — this one is on wheels.

So to satisfy moaning members of the family it’s possible to simply wind up the legs, hitch the house to the back of the car and tow it to somewhere new.

Of course, some might say, isn’t that what caravans are for? But this isn’t a bog-standard tourer, all plastic trim and nylon furnishings. It’s bigger, better and much, much more beautiful — both inside and out.

Inspired by tin tabernacles — the pre-fabricated chapels used by Victorian preachers to spread the gospel around Britain and beyond — they have been designed to add to, rather than detract from, whatever setting they are installed in.

As for their interiors, no expense has been spared to create a space that combines vintage chic with luxury living. It has period decor, a king-sized bed, even a wet room. Some feature a pair of double-bed bunk beds or an outside veranda. combine outdoor living with quirky style and it has to be fun. Then there is its distinctive corrugated cladding, the stained glass windows and dinky porch.

Inside, the steeply pitched roof gives an airy feel, accentuated by beautiful Cole and Son wallpaper.
No detail has been missed — from the Bakelite switches for the lights, powered by a photovoltaic panel on the roof, to the exposed copper pipework. As for the practicalities, heating is provided by a cute wood-burner, cooking via a gas stove and on-tap hot water courtesy of a gas-powered boiler. There is also an electric fridge.

But while the price tag may seem steep to some — the basic shell of a Love Lane Caravan starts at £17,000 while a fully-finished deluxe one comes in at £38,000 — the idea is they provide a permanent living space, rather than a glorified shed.

“It’s like a well appointed doll’s house on wheels, far better looking than a caravan” say’s Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire.

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