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Councils Cutting Back On Refuge Collections

With so many Councils cutting back still further on refuge collections now is a good time to start composting your household waste if you don’t already do it.

Next time you go to throw household waste in the bin, consider whether it could go into the compost bin instead of the general bin.

Around half of all household waste could be very easily composted.

So why not make your own? It’s easy and won’t take long.

Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire have all the materials you need, just give us a ring and we will help you purchase the right products.

When your composter is made you need to put nutritious components into it such as raw food, vegetable peelings, crushed egg shells, tea bags and coffee granules, vacuum cleaner dust, hair and nail clippings and some grass clippings.

Then you need fibrous components which include crumpled up  non-recyclable paper, cereal boxes, egg boxes, kitchen paper, wrapping paper (not foil), toilet roll tubes and tissues. (Don’t compost too much newspaper, any magazines and printer paper as these should be recycled and drinks cartons and frozen food packaging isn’t suitable as they contain plastic).

Garden waste, such as grass cuttings take longer to break down and it is better if these are composted in a separate compost heap.

So making your own compost is a great way to save money and help your garden and house plants by improving the soil and benefiting the environment by recycling valuable organic resources and extending the life of landfill sites.

It’s never to late to start recycling so start today and get in the habit” says Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire.       


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