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Dad Skills We All Need!

Top Gear presenter James May had a dig at the modern man just before Christmas saying that he could not do a lot of the little jobs that his Dad could do.

May reckons we've lost our "dad skills", the practical stuff previous generations could do that we just can't.

Most people would off read this article in December but we thought we would write it again and see if you have managed to learn any of these new skills.

Some of these skills will impress women, some will save you money and some will save you face - because getting a skilled craftsman out to put up a picture hook can be just a little bit humiliating. So if you haven’t learned these new skills yet maybe now is the right time to start.

Number 1 Asking for help

Why you should know it
Because however many dad skills you learn, you can't know everything. You'll always come across a tricky little problem that you can't solve, but someone in your circle of friends and acquaintances can.

Number 2 Iron a shirt

Why you should know it
Job interviews, weddings, a dinner party with her parents - these occasions can crop up when you least expect them, and if you have to ask your better half to do it she won't be pleased and may well refuse.

Number 3 Wire a plug

Why you should know it
Because when your dad was your age, he owned two items requiring plugs (if he was lucky). You own about 150. They may come with a plug on these days but fuses blow, wires come loose and plugs need changing. As a man skill, this one's a must have.

Number 4 Change a tyre

Why you should know it
Because it can still take ages for a breakdown van to turn up (if you use a breakdown service at all). Oh, and because it's easy.

Number 5 Putting up shelf

Why you should know it
Your dad could put up a shelf and he only owned three books. You've spent more on CDs in your time than your parents spent on food. You need shelves, and it's cheaper to do it yourself. Oh, and secretly women love seeing men being manly with a power drill.

Number 6 Hang Wall Paper

Why you should know it
Fashions change. As sure as eggs are eggs, wallpaper will come back along with deep pile carpets and the Bay City Rollers.

Number 7 How to Light a Barbeque

Why you should know it
At some point you're going to have to reciprocate all those BBQ invitations, or risk losing friends. And if it's your party, you light the Barbie.

Number 8 How to unblock a sink

Why you should know it
Because sinks still block up. So do toilets. And some plumbers will charge you the best part of your annual salary just to come out and tap your U-bend with a spanner.

Number 9 How to change the oil in a car

Why you should know it
Because regularly changing the oil is important if you want your car to run well. You can have it done by a mechanic but doing it yourself is quick and easy.

Number 10 How to build a camp fire

Why you should know it
There may be an asteroid strike that sends humanity hurtling back to the Stone Age. You could survive a plane crash over the Alps. Or you could just want to have fun with your (present or future) kids, who will love proper camping more than anything else ever.


Here at Greengates Builders Merchants we think we all need to start practicing now!





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