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Dangers Of Dust Do You Know The Risks?

The hidden Dangers Of Dust?

Do you wear a dust mask whilst doing the following jobs?

When carrying out most plaster work, particularly the fine powder plaster skim products that create a small snow storm effect when rubbing down.  

During preparation work which involves sanding plaster or paint work.

During work using power tools such as sanders.

When carrying out preparation work particularly in houses built before the 1960’s.

When using abrasives.

If Not Why Not!

Do you know the risks?

  1. IRRITANT: Medium density fibreboard (MDF) presents another common problem, particularly when machining the material: the dust generated is extremely powdery and invasive, and it is an irritant to the nose and throat.
  2. LONG TERM DAMAGE: Airborne particulates, water-based and oil-based aerosols, and some vapours above a certain level require a dust mask in order to protect the lungs from long term damage.
  3. IRREVERSIBLE: Damage which can occur to our lungs from dust can be irreversible. Inhaling the needle-like fibres of asbestos, for example, causes the serious and potentially fatal lung disease asbestosis.

Do you know the situations in which employers are under a legal obligation to ensure their staff wear a dust mask?

Most building and decorating companies have a responsibility to ensure no harm comes to employees at work and this involves ensuring dust masks are used at all times.

Do you ensure your employees wear dust masks to protect themselves?

Do you wear a dust mask when necessary?

Greengates Builders Merchants, Lancashire asks you to think about the harm dust can do to you and to others.

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