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Designer Unveils His Range Of Wearable Mobile Phones

From talking into a high heeled shoe to turning your hold-all into a ghettoblaster, could wearable tech be the future of fashion?

Designer Sean Miles has created a quirky collection in which "upcycled" gloves, shoes and bags are given a new lease of life with the latest technology.

The term "talk to the hand" takes on a whole new meaning with Miles's vintage Miu Miu gloves, customised with an old mobile phone’s speaker unit embedded in the thumb and a microphone built into in the little finger. After all it solves the dilemma of how to keep hands warm while chatting on the phone.  

The Bags That Talk range includes an Alexander McQueen clutch bag combined with an old Nokia handset.

Meanwhile, men have the option of a luxury Mulberry messenger bag which doubles up as a retro ghettoblaster. 

Phone company O2 hopes to highlight the issues of recycling old phones, thousands of which are discarded every year.

Mr Miles said: “We wanted to showcase the possibilities of wearable technology – from shoes to gloves to bags – and how fashion and technology can go hand-in-hand. 

"If we can combine the best of fashion whilst also recycling gadgets we can be trendsetters in more than one way."

Bill Eyres, head of O2 Recycle, said:  “We’ve all got a role to play in making sure that old handsets, and gadgets in general, live on even when we’ve finished with them.  

"I hope that this project will prompt a few more of the 30 million people a year who buy a new handset to recycle their old one."

O2 Recycle, which is part of the O2 Think Big environment initiative, offers cash in exchange for old phones, tablets, MP3 players, handheld consoles, digital cameras and SatNavs.

The scheme is available to O2 customers and non-customers alike and will match the price offered by other recycling schemes for old gadgets. All money raised from the recycled phones goes into the Think Big fund, which invests in worthy new projects.

The range of upcycled products, which includes bags worth £1,000 will be on display in 02 stores this month.


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