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DIY On The Cheap With Tips From Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire

Winter can be hard on homes when it comes to DIY - especially if you've just blown half your life savings on Christmas presents for your nearest and dearest.

The good news is that some of the most effective quick fixes are often some of the cheapest. We spoke to the experts to find out how to tackle some of the most common DIY issues without blowing the budget.

Squeaky hinges
Most people have a can of WD40 under the sink, but if you're not one of them, don't panic. If you have sticking locks or noisy hinges and no WD40 or oil you can use furniture polish spray as it contains PTFE.

 Summon the spirits
Never unde­res­timate the value of a bottle of methylated spirits. "Any stubborn marks on laminate and vinyl flooring or wooden furniture can be removed using a cloth dipped in methylated spirits.

This is also brilliant for removing scuff marks on skirting prior to painting and pen or paint marks on walls as it clears off the grease residue as well."

Drilling - without the mess
Whether you're hanging pictures or undertaking more substantial work, drilling holes into walls requires a careful approach - and, a plastic bottle. You can easily make a mess drilling holes into walls, so cut a plastic bottle in half (at an angle) and hold it up to the wall using the cap end as a handle. You can see through the bottle to see your mark, and can then drill through the plastic bottle into the wall. All the debris will fall into the bottle and not onto your floor.

Hot stuff
The average home owner simply doesn't realise how much money can be saved through insulation. "Your home loses a third of its heat through the walls, so insulating wall cavities could save you around £135 a year, and insulating your loft could also save you up to £175," points out Chris Brain at British Gas.

"Even if you have insulation already, some people's loft insulation is only two inches thick, which is only about 20% of the recommended thickness. Topping up this insulation alone could reduce your bills by around £40 each year."

Soda solutions
Caustic soda is another multipurpose miracle product. "A simple way of stopping internal blockages is to pour caustic soda down the sinks once a month to keep them clean."

Read tomorrows news and see what other winter blues tips we have for you!

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