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Gorgeous guttering
Winter can be a nightmare when it comes to guttering. When clearing guttering you need to keep the down pipe clear to allow the water to drain. Come in a visit us at Greengates to see what we have to keep your gutters and down pipes clear.

Insulation's what you need
Frozen pipes can quickly lead to a whole world of DIY-related disasters. The good news? Some tactically-applied loft insulation might just save the day.

"The quickest, easiest and cheapest way to stop your pipes freezing in your loft is to remove the loft insulation below the pipes and place it on top of them. The heat from the rooms below keeps them from freezing and the insulation above maintains your loft cover.

Pipe dreams
Plumbers can be expensive - and that's before the endless cups of tea you'll be forced to brew as the tradesman in question ums and ahs about the state of your pipes. In reality, most blockages are easily rectified.

All drains have unscrewable caps or inspection caps, and these are the most common causes of internal blockages,put a bowl underneath, unscrew the cap and the water will empty, then clean out the cap.

 Beat the boiler
Boiler blockages? Don't panic! At this time of year, a little warm water might just save the day. "Condensing boilers create condensation as a by-product, which runs through the condensate pipe.

In extreme weather, this pipe can freeze and cause the boiler to shut down," warns Chris Brain at British Gas. "To thaw the condensate pipe, dilute some boiling water from your kettle with some cold water, (never use boiling water directly) and pour this water into a hot water bottle and cushion it around the pipes. Alternatively, you can use a watering can to pour hot water over the pipe to thaw."

So, what are you waiting for? Winter, do your worst!

Come into Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire and find out what products we have to beat the winter blues.


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