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Do You Have A Shady Area In Your Garden?

Given the choice, most people insti­nctively favor a warm, sunny garden. Shady corners are seen as second best.  Shade can be a huge asset. Why not work on ways to bring out the character of a sunless spot?

For summer interest, let the trees be the main attraction. Put in an attractive bench, a table, line paths with logs and infill them with bark chippings.  This is also the best place to create a tranquil patio area come along to Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington and see for yourself how many types of flags, stone and concrete, lots of different shades and shapes, edging stones and circles, far too numerous to mention them all here.

Shady places bring a wealth of contrast to the garden. Step from blinding hot sun into dappled shade and there’s a complete change of pace. The mood shifts from exciting, brightly colored flowers to a restful, cool, sophis­ticated planting scheme rich in textures and patterns. And it’s not just your eyes that relax; scent hangs on still, humid air, creating a tranquil ambience missing from sunnier spots.

And from a practical point of view, shady areas suffer less evaporation, so plants need less watering – a big bonus these days.  If your shaded area suffers from being water logged in winter then again we can provide all you need to quire this problem with land drains.  Just come along to our Whalley Road Yard and pay us a visit.

Dappled shade is the very best kind for gardening, especially when it’s created by a light, airy canopy of small ornamental trees, where the soil underneath remains moist. At home that’s difficult to recreate: generous mulch with composted bark every spring is about as close as you’ll get and again you can get this from us, you can also use it on top of your soil to provide water retention all over the garden.

Shady town gardens can make wonderful plant-filled courtyards. Lawns won’t do well where the soil is heavy clay and the ground is in shade, so go for attractive paving or decking instead or how about some artificial grass if that’s what you really want. You could also lay a row of staggered stepping stones so you can walk through the area without damaging the plants and again you can get these from Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington.



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