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Do You Have the Same Argument Every Year?


Real Or Artificial! Lots of families can’t decided year after year artificial tree or a real one.

Putting up and decorating Christmas trees is a time-honored tradition, and many families are faced with choosing between artificial and real trees each year. Here are a few things to remember when choosing which type of tree would be best suited for your needs:

 Artificial trees remove the hassle of standing in the freezing cold choosing a tree.

 Another good thing about artificial trees is that they do not need to be watered and the needles will not drop off and make a mess in your house.

 The cash you save by buying an artificial tree can be spent on more gifts for your family or perhaps other types of decoration.

 Fake trees won't bother you if you are allergic to the smell of pine.

 Fake trees can't rot like real trees can.

 Artificial trees are easy to assemble and store away.

Artificial Christmas trees can be set up much earlier and left up longer.

 Buying artificial helps prevent the cutting down of a live tree.

 Artificial trees are safe and flame retardant.

Coarse needles will never prick you; so artificial trees are easier to decorate.

Artificial trees have a fuller, classier look. They also last for years, which makes them more economical.

Do you really need a real tree to decorate your living room? Is it right to cut down a living tree just because it looks and smells better?

There are a variety of arguments for and against buying a live or an artificial Christmas tree. Indeed, there are good and bad things about each type of tree.

But if you end up with real tree Instead of complaining about pine needles falling, I suggest they get swept up and used in the garden, they are supposed to have excellent fertilizing properties.




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