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Do You Know How To Repair Cracked Concrete Paths?

We will first be looking at how to repair cracked concrete paths and the various materials required.

Contraction and expansion due to ice, frost and temperature variations can cause damage to concrete, creating cracks and gaps. The typical repair method is as follows:

  • Chisel out the crack to create a backward-angled cut, using a grinder or cold chisel and a hammer. It is important to clean all dust, dirt and loose materials from the area using a wire brush, or an electric drill with a wire wheel attachment.
  • Apply a thin layer of bonding adhesive to the entire repair area using a paint brush. The bonding adhesive helps keep the repair material from loosening or popping out of the crack.
  • For repairing a narrow crack, typically prepare a 1:3 (cement: sharp sand by volume) mix, then trowel it into the crack.
  • For a wider gap, prepare a 1:2:4 (cement: sharp sand: chippings by volume mix) and apply.
  • A useful guide is to use a maximum aggregate size of one third the crack width.
  • Smooth the surface of the repair and attempt to match the surrounding surface texture.


The cement for this repair is a rapid setting cement which is beneficial when there is a need to restore site services quickly. Quickcem castle cement is what is recommended to carryout this job. Castle Quickcem is a Portland cement containing calcium sulfo-aluminate, specially developed to give quick setting and hardening charac­te­ristics.


What you will need for the job:

  1. A chisel
  2. Hammer
  3. Wire brush
  4. Bonding adhesive
  5. Castle Quickcem Cement
  6. Chippings
  7. Sharp sand
  8. Trowel

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