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Do You Know How To Repair Your Damaged Paving?

The next area to carry out preventative maintenance work on is repairing your paving.

Paving is susceptible to degradation through plant attack, natural weathering, freeze-thaw attack and washout. A typical repair method to re-bed the paving is to use Castle Readybag MORTAR as follows:

  • Prepare the area to the required depth.
  • Remove any existing MORTAR material which will interfere with the surface level.
  • Place the MORTAR mix to the required depth and rake level.
  • Sprinkle with water using a fine hose until the MORTAR mix reaches the correct consistency. Avoid adding too much water as this will weaken the MORTAR mix and affect the setting time and durability.
  • Rake level again.
  • Place the paving slabs, ensuring they are level and flat.


Castle Readybag MORTAR General Purpose Mix is the product recommended for this type of repair. Castle Readybag MORTAR General Purpose Mix is formulated to produce good quality mortar quickly and easily. It is an ideal solution for a whole range of building, paving and repair jobs. Castle Readybag MORTAR General Purpose Mix is a 6:1 sand: cement mortar by volume and is factory produced to ensure the highest quality MORTAR.


Castle Readybag MORTAR General Purpose Mix is:

  • Easy to use – just add water
  • Saves time – quick and convenient
  • Economic – less waste than some other methods
  • Quality – guaranteed product quality


What you will need for this job:

  1. Castle Readybag MORTAR General Purpose Mix
  2. Hose
  3. Rake


Contact Greengates Builders Merchants, Lancashire now to order what you require to repair your paving before winter sets in and more damage than necessary occurs.

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