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Do you know your Wines?


Enjoy a tipple of Italian Champagne? Or do you hate Chardonnay, but love a glass of Chablis?

If so, you join the one in seven Britons who bluff when it comes to wine, often leading to embarrassing faux pas.

As any wine connoisseur already knows, Champagne is named after the region of France it comes from and Chablis is made from the Chardonnay grape.

Other awkward moments revealed by the survey of wine drinkers included drinkers claiming to enjoy the Merlin grape – it is in fact Merlot.

Another diner who requested wine in a smart restaurant was told by the waiter the sommelier would come to his table.

When he arrived, the diner promptly told him not to worry about the wine because ‘the waiter is already getting me a bottle of some mellyeh.’

Younger drinkers were most likely to bluff, with one in four 18 to 24 year olds pretending to know more than they do about wine, the YouGov survey for online wine retailer WineTrust100 found.

It revealed that 42 per cent of males wanted advice on making a better choice of wine to bring home or to order when eating out.

However women are more likely to play it safe when buying wine, with 52 per cent saying they stick to just one or two brands or types with which they are familiar, rather than experiment with new wine.

John Hoskins, taster from WineTrust100 which stocks100 of the world’s best wines for their price, said people often felt the need to bluff because they are unne­ces­sarily embarrassed about admitting they need some guidance on wine.

He said many common mistakes were perfectly under­stan­dable, notably that most wine drinkers believing that red wine should be served at room temperature.

In fact this advice dates from Victorian times, when room temperature was around 4C lower than the average heat in modern homes.

He said; ‘Of course the softness of a wine served at 22C may feel lovely and warming on a cold winter’s day, but above about 19C and the aromas and flavours that the winemaker has tried so hard to encapsulate will be lost.

‘Similarly with white wine, but in the other direction. The better the white, the more it will benefit from a little warmth to show you all its charms.

“So there you are you don’t have to be embarrassed because you don’t know enough about wines” Just enjoy drinking it says Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire.

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