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Do Your Walls And Paving Need Repairing?


We have had such a Grote summer we bet you didn’t get all those little jobs that you promised to do, done.  Some jobs really do need to be done to save damage getting worse during the winter months. So why not set yourself a task for next weekend and be prepared for winter.

A main area of concern regarding maintenance work is damage to paving. Paving is susceptible to degradation through plant attack, natural weathering, freeze-thaw attack and washout. Now is a good time to carry out these necessary repairs before the winter weather hits and more damage occurs which could result in a very costly repair later on, or even the need to replace whole areas. Why not give us a ring today to find out what method and materials you need to make these repairs.

Another  area of concern for maintenance work is masonry walls. The mortar in a masonry wall can be damaged through freeze-thaw attack, natural weathering, chemical degradation and external bracket fixings. Last winter we experienced some terrible weather so it is important that we check the mortar in our masonry walls now before the next winter hits us and the damage gets worse.

Contact us today at Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire where we will be glad to advise you on paving and wall repairs.

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