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Does This Prove 'Less is More'? Find Out Yourself..

When used outdoors, natural stone cladding usually covers every external wall of the building it is applied to, producing a visually-pleasing and harmonious effect. Indoors, quite the reverse is true - just using the natural stone veneer tiles on a single wall or fireplace area can have an effect that is completely transfor­mative. Get inspired with our top tips to creating an elegant, attractive and long-lasting accent wall.

As is so often true when it comes to the finer points of interior design, less is more. Perhaps this sounds like something of a cliché but the fact remains that beautiful simplicity is far more pleasing to the eye and the mind than an overbearing, overly-fussy and cluttered design scheme. An accent wall delivers the perfect medium, adding texture, interest and excitement without dominating the space and feeling imposing.

Accent walls are primarily designed to be a focal point, irresistibly drawing the eye (which always seeks out patterns and breaks within those patterns) and can, when creatively installed, enhance and highlight particular features of the room. Our stone panels have been used to bring attention to a vintage wine collection, as a suitably-regal backdrop for a valuable painting and simply to give an unused ornamental fireplace a whole new lease of life.

Even if there is no particular feature to draw attention to, a wall accentuated with natural stone tiles can still completely transform your living space. The perceived dimensions of a room can be altered subtly or dramati­cally, drawing in the far walls of a large space to add cosiness or  bringing much-needed light and a sense of spaciousness to a smaller area. It’s all about the colour you choose and which wall you accent - our expert team can offer clear and competent advice if required.

Light is profoundly important to us, having many effects on our mood, perceptions, energy levels and much more. The perfect finishing touch you are looking after your accent wall is safely installed could be nothing more than a few candles and a creatively placed lamp - whichever of our many colour and design options you go for, it is guaranteed to look good from day one and provide year after year of pleasure.

Want to find out more about how to create an accent wall using the Tier Stone Panelling System - call our team.

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