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Don't Hesitate: Accelerate!

The winter weather has been awful but the coming few weeks look set to be even worse. Despite the conditions, lots of building work must continue and any that involves the use of mortars and concretes will be made especially difficult, if not impossible, by the low temperatures. To solve the issue, Greengate’s Builders Merchants recommend using Sika Accelerator.

Sika Accelerator is a cold weather and rapid hardening admixture designed for use with most mortars and concretes that do not contain any steel reinforcement. It can be used successfully with sand and cement mortars, paving, renders and screeds and also as an antifreeze in mortar, right down to temperatures as low as -2ºC.

When the temperature is low, Sika Accelerator delivers high early strength and guarantees a faster setting time. It also imbues the mortar or concrete with an improved resistance to frost which is definitely going to be of value as the weather starts to get even colder over the coming weeks.

The amount of product required to achieve a professional result varies and this variation is dependent on both the actual temperature of the air around and the amount of acceleration required. A rough guide suggests between 1.5 and 3 litres of produce per 25kg of cement.

As with our entire product range, you are guaranteed to receive a product of professional quality and our pricing structure is extremely competitive. We are a local, customer-focused business and it is extremely important to us that you always get the best from any product you purchase from us; our expert team are always available to offer comprehensive, clear and competent advice and information on using our products to their full advantage so do not hesitate to get in touch if there is anything you are unsure of.

Sika Accelerator is just one of the products that will be of particular importance throughout the winter. We can quickly deliver any amount of products to your premises using the most suitable crane offload vehicles in our fleet and, as with the products themselves, delivery charges are among the most competitive available in the area.

Check out all the details of Sika Accelerator on the product page and keep your project going whatever the weather.

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