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The next area of concern for maintenance work is masonry walls. The mortar in a masonry wall can be damaged through freeze-thaw attack, natural weathering, chemical degradation and external bracket fixings. Last winter we experienced some terrible weather so it is important that we check the mortar in our masonry walls now before the next winter hits us and the damage gets worse. Today Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire will be giving you tips and advice on the items you'll require for the job and the method that you can use to make the repairs.

What you will need to repair masonry walls:

1.          Jointing Tool

2.          Brush

3.          Castle Ready-to-use MORTAR Mix

4.          Pointing Trowel

Ready to use Mortar Mix is the equivalent of 1:1:6 (cement: lime: sand by volume), ready to use blend and provides a weather-resistant and durable mix suitable for most application. It can also be used to bed in replacement bricks. Castle Ready-to-use Mortar Mix is the cement recommended for this type of repair. Castle Ready-to-use Mortar Mix is formulated to produce good quality mortar quickly and easily. It is an ideal solution for a whole range of building, paving and repair jobs.


To repoint large and small areas of masonry:

  • Remove existing mortar with a jointing tool to a depth of about 15- 20mm, so that the new mortar contacts enough brick area to form a good bond.
  • Obtain a clean surface by brushing out the joints to remove loose mortar or sand.
  • Dampen down bricks and mortar joints to control excessive suction.
  • Apply the mortar firmly into the joint.
  • Repoint the head joints first and the bed joints second. This allows unbroken horizontal strokes to form straight, even bed joints.
  • Shape all vertical joints first.
  • Finish with the horizontal pointing.
  • Leave the mortar to harden then brush off debris cleanly from the face of the brickwork.


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